Mar 08

If At First You Don’t succeed, you must JUST TRY AGAIN!

Hi to you all

You see, in lfe and especially in the world of design and animation, the following statement is very very very true:

“If At First You Don’t succeed, you must JUST TRY AGAIN!

I am saying this after watching this stunning compilation of logo animations for Intel corporation

(In case you didnt know Intel is the great company that changed the face of the world by inventing the microprocessor, hence today’s CPU that every computer/smartphone/waching machine/TV runs on)

So as you can see from this video, it all started with simple animations of the famous Intel logo,

and then guess what, things got just better and better from there because the very creative people behind Intel’s marketing kept on improving upon what they created at first, they did not wait to first get the perfect design before they could move on,

and this does not take magic to understand

So, think about this: how many times do we designers/animators wait to create a perfect design/video/logo before we actually take courage to publish it, this is what we call procrastination, which refers to the act of replacing high-priority or important actions with tasks of lower priority

Intel did not wait for years before they could take courage and begin promoting the newly invented cpu,

and Microsoft first started with Windows 1.0  until today we have Windows 7

So, next time you have a brilliant idea or concept, just get off your comfort zone and work to make it come true

because time is not always on our side when things have to move fast, and fortune favours the bold


Henry The Jedi


“We Do Believe”



  1. Laurie

    Thank you as always for your inspiration messages!

  2. thejedi

    Thank you, Laurie, I always like to find inspiration wherever and whenever I can and share it with you guys

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