May 02

Henrythejedi.com Celebrating 4 Years Anniversary this Saturday 5 May 2012

Hello to all our viewers
This Saturday, on May the 5th, 2012, Henrythejedi.com will be turning 4 (four) Years Old

Please visit http://www.henrythejedi.com/happybirthday2012
To wish us happy birthday or send your wonderful messages

This certainly calls for a celebration

We would like to thank all of our viewers and friends who have helped to have kept our website running and providing people all over the world with amazing training to this day

Indeed, “We Still Do Believe” in overcoming all challenges and achieving the impossible

From Henry The jedi, Mathepe Willow B, Lady J Mongale
at http://www.henrythejedi.com/


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  1. Laurie

    Happy Birthday!

    Laurie, from California, USA

    1. thejedi

      Thank you, Laudir, God bless you

  2. D

    Hello Henry , Happy anniversary!!! I just want to tell you that you are doing nice thing here. pls keep it up.
    May God b with u @ time!!!

  3. skoville

    Happy B-day, HTJ! Did you get your new camera?

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