Jan 23

Henrythejedi’s Hans Zimmer Dark Knight Rises

This is the cover song of Hans Zimmer song called ” Dark Knight Rises”
Every instrument and beat you hear is done by me
I compose and sell music and you can contact me to make a song for you customized to your choice
My website: http://www.henrythejedi.com
e-Mail: thejedi@henrythejedi.com
A big epic thank you to Ash Ebrahim for inspiring me with his epic music, Ash Ebrahim’s channel: https://soundcloud.com/ash-ebrahim/
A big thanks to Ziana Bader Rafuza who kept reminding me to add more “Base” to make music sound nice and fat 🙂
Big thank you to my friend Patrick Lehutso at Welwill Recordshttp://welwillrecords.co.za/
Thank you for watching

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