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Apr 20

New Upcoming ELIKIA Character Modelling DVD


We are soon going to release our first ever character modelling DVD called ELIKIA(which means hope in an African language) Character modelling has been one of the most requested tutorials here at henrythejedi.com On this training DVD you will learn how to model a concept 3d character using 3d Max It will be avaialable from …

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Jan 06

722 Advanced Car Rig & Animation Volume 1 Training DVD AVAILABLE NOW

The 722 Advanced Car Rig and Animation Training DVD For 3D Studio Max is AVAILABLE NOW Please visit http://www.henrythejedi.com/722/722_adv1.php to find out more • Learn how to create a very advanced and flexible rig for the McLaren SLR 722s Roadster hyper car • You will then use the rig that you create to animate the …

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Dec 09

The 722 Advanced Car Rigging and Animation DVD Coming this Week

    Hello to all our viewers The Countdown has begun, the “722 Advanced Car Animation Volume 1” DVD will be available this week, just in time for christmas 🙂 On this truly adavnced training, you will learn how to animate your car using many dynamic advanced animation techniques Note: You can click on any …

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