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 Amazing Tutorials for 3D Studio Max and Adobe After Effects


75 to 77 Mechanical Organic Fold
  • Create a cool dynamic folding animation
  • This is a great technique to animate a text logo

watch video tut cut302 Views   30 June 2014

    71 to 74 Rock Blast with PhysX

  • Use the power of Nvidia's PhysX engine inside 3D Max to create physics based animation
watch video tut cut407 Views


    69,70. 3D Random Motion with Lightstroke

  • Learn to animate an object moving randomly in 3D space
  • Combine this animation with a Particle Flow particle system to create a dynamic 3D lighstroke animation
watch video tut cut1073 Views


    65 to 68. What a Wonderful World

  • Henrythejedi.com is now 4 YEARS OLD!!!!!
  • Let us celebrate this amazing milestone by learning how to design and animate a a world map using Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Adobe After Effects to thank all our viewers, customers all over the world
watch video tut cut1085 Views

    61 to 64. Apocalyptica

  • Create and animate a scene of an asteroid flying through space in the galaxy
  • Learn to create smoke/fire tendrils/debris
watch video tut cut1930 Views   26 Jul 2011


tut 54 thumb

    54. Operation Lock On - Part 1 to 7

  • Learn how to design and animate an advanced satellite tracking effect animation by creating many animatable elements using Adobe After Effects
watch video tut cut3770 Views   27 Jun 2011


 tut 48 thumb53. Cubilicious Finishing Touches

  • Add finishing touhes to your cube animation to make it great

watch video tut cut1041 Views   13 Jan 2011

tut 52 thumb

   52. Cubilicious Reactor Simulation

  • Create a dynamic animation using 3D Max's powerful Reactor simulation tool

watch video tut cut975 Views   13 Jan 2011




tut 51 thumb

    50 & 51. Sparks and Particles - Part 1,2

  • Learn how to create sparks and debris using 3D Max's Particle Flow system

watch video tut cut1289 Views   13 Jan 2011


tut 48 thumb

    48 & 49. Cubilicious Design - Part 1, 2

  • Design the cubes and letters to be used for the cubilicious animation
  • Learn to use the scene objects for Particle Flow animation

watch video tut cut1356 Views   13 Jan 2011


tut 45 thumb

    45 to 47. Mokonzi Robot Walk Cycle - Part 1,2,3

  • Animate your rigged Mokonzi Robot on a walk cycle of a lifetime
watch video tut cut1499 Views   21 Sept 2010
tut 44 thumb

    43 & 44. Mokonzi Robot Rigging - Part 1,2

  • Create the Rig and Animation Controllers for Mokonzi the Robot
  • Learn to use bone systems and IK chains to rig your character
watch video tut cut1614 Views   5 Sept 2010
tut 42 thumb

    42. Mokonzi Robot Texturing and Shading

  • Follow the ideal workflow to create texture maps for your Mokonzi robot model
  • We'll be creating metallic shaders inside 3D Max

watch video tut cut1259 Views   29 Jul 2010

  tut 35 thumb   35 to 41. Mokonzi Robot Design - Part 1 to 7


  • Design the beautiful futuristic robot called Mokonzi in 3D Studio Max


watch video tut cut2024 Views   21 Jul 2010


tut 32 thumb

    32 to 34. Splashy Title - Part 1 to 3

  • Design and Animate a great looking splashy title animation from 3D Max and After Effects

watch video tut cut1698 Views   25 May 2010

prod07 digitrans  features prev 324x159

    Digitally Transformed DVD Features

  • See the Amazing Features inside our new training DVD
  • Learn how to transform your camaro car into a robot

12388 Views   10 May 2010

tut 30 thumb

    30 Digitally Transformed Title Animation Part 1,2

  • Create a bold text animation in 3D Max as seen in our Digitally Transformed Promo video

watch video tut cut1856 Views   10 Apr 2010

tut 29 thumb

  29. Camaro - Car Studio Render Part 2

  • Learn how to render and composite different passes such as Ambient Occlusion and Diffuse Channel

watch video tut cut1367 Views   24 Mar 2010

tut 28 thumb    28. Camaro - Car Studio Render Part 1

  • Learn how to create studio light and render your Camaro in a studio setup environment in 3D Max

watch video tut cut1887 Views   24 Mar 2010

tut 27 thumb

    27. Camaro Training DVD Features

  • Henry The Jedi Presents the Amazing features inside our bamazing car training DVD: The Camaro

watch video tut cut5424 Views   22 Feb 2010

tut 25 thumb

    25 & 26. Beautiful Ocean Scene in 3D Max - Part 1,2

  • Create a beautiful scenery of an ocean scene using 3D Max

watch video tut cut2047 Views   6 Jan 2010

tut 24 thumb

    24. Clay Rendering Technique in 3D Max

  • Learn Clay Rendering Techniques in 3D Max
  • You can use this technique to show off the wireframe for your model

watch video tut cut2167 Views   9 Nov 2009

tut 23 thumb

    23. Welcome to Fracture Training DVD

  • See the exciting features inside our new Training DVD: Fracture DVD
  • Learn to break objects in 3D and create animations from them

watch video tut cut2165 Views   1 Oct 2009

tut 22 thumb

22. Amazing 3D Video Gallery in After Effects

  • Create a completly Amazing 3D gallery all inside After Effects

watch video tut cut3525 Views   2 Sep 2009

tut 21 thumb

21. Text Title Reveal in After Effects

  • Animate a text-based Title reveal

watch video tut cut2656 Views   19 Jul 2009

tut 20 thumb

    20. Design a 3D Logo in 3D Max

  • Create a 3D logo in 3D Max

watch video tut cut2046 Views   5 Jun 2009

tut 18 thumb

    18 & 19. Beautiful Video Animation Part 1,2

  • Use After Effects to create a beautiful video animation from photographs to promote a T-Shirt product

watch video tut cut3150 Views   19 May 2009

tut 16 thumb

    16 & 17. Video Domino in After Effects - Part 1,2

  • Celebrate our One Year Anniversary with this Amazing video tutorial in which we create a domino effect using only After Effects

watch video tut cut2860 Views   7 May 2009

tut 15 thumb

    15. Audio Spectrum Animation in After Effects

  • Create and animate a stunning Audio Spectrum animation using any Audio layer's sound keyframes

watch video tut cut18536 Views   9 Mar 2009

tut 14 thumb

    14. Tribute to My Late Grandfather

  • Henry uses the amazing creativity of After Effects to compile an endlessly compelling video presentation in which he pays tribute to his grandfather Tatu Mwabila Casmire

watch video tut cut3485 Views   23 Feb 2009

tut 12 thumb

    12. Satellite Navigation in After Effects - Part1,2

  • Design a Satellite Navigation Animation using the power of After Effects

watch video tut cut11156 Views   9 Feb 2009

tut 11 thumb

    11.  Very Realistic flag animation in 3D Max

  • Create and animate a very realistic flag blowing in the wind in 3D Max

watch video tut cut13442 Views   28 Jan 2009

tut 08 thumb

    8 to 10 - Beautiful Butterfly Design, Animation in 3D Max

  • Design and animate your very own beautiful butterfly using Bones in 3D Max

watch video tut cut14851 Views   1 Oct 2008

tut 06 thumb

    6. After Effects Unmatched DVD - Fire and Explosion

  • Use Particle Playground to create a an explosive fire scene without third party plugins required

watch video tut cut11137 Views   30 Sept 2008

tut 05 thumb

    5. Animate your text follow ANY path in AE

  • Animate your text to follow ANY path that you create in After Effects

watch video tut cut16947 Views   29 Aug 2008

tut 04 thumb

    4. Energy Ball in After Effects

  • Create an energy ball and apply stunning effects to create the energy ball effect
  • Now the power is in your hands

watch video tut cut7034 Views   28 Jul 2008

tut 03 thumb

    3. Great Reflections in After Effects

  • Use the awesome power of After Effects' 3D capabilities to create dynamic reflections

watch video tut cut3788 Views   4 Jul 2008

tut 02 thumb

    2.  Rock Demolition in 3D Max

  • Learn how to model, texture, and demolish a rock in 3D Max using particle system

watch video tut cut12948 Views   24 June 2008

 tut 01 thumb1.  Lightstroke Animation

  • Create lightstrokes and add animation to a logo

watch video tut cut12022 Views   19 June 2008




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